June 20, 2012

Court reviews a breach of contract case involving a contractor who performed additional work to install fire dampers

SONG & SONG CORPORATION, and JIN Y. “JIM” SONG, Individually v. FINE ART CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, LLC, ET AL. (Tenn. Ct. App. June 14, 2012)

Property owner hired a general contractor to perform construction work on a commercial building. The parties subsequently discovered that when the building was originally constructed, there were no fire dampers installed in the ductwork. The contractor performed the additional work necessary to install the missing fire dampers, but when the work was completed, the property owner refused to pay the amount invoiced by the contractor for the additional work. Both parties asserted that the other had breached the contract. Following a two-day bench trial, the trial court ruled in favor of the contractor and awarded her a judgment for the unpaid balance and other damages. The property owner appeals. We affirm as modified.

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