September 08, 2011

Tennessee High Court hears Botched Home Repair Case

September 3, 2011

The Tennessee Supreme Court is considering a case that could change a homeowner's ability to recover damages when a subcontractor botches a home repair or remodeling job.

The case involves a Hamilton County couple whose house was destroyed by a fire while someone was fixing their roof.

The Tennessee Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case Thursday.

Robert and Joanie Emerson hired a company to repair their roof but, unbeknownst to them, the firm subcontracted the job out to someone else. The Emersons accuse the subcontractor of setting the house on fire while using a propane torch during the repairs.

The damage amounted to more than $800,000.

Because repair and construction work is often subcontracted out to cheap laborers who lack insurance, some legal experts say a decision in favor of the general contractor could leave many homeowners saddled with the costs for botched repair jobs.

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