July 24, 2011

Judy Greenwald: Professional liability risks grow with green construction

Challenges facing risk managers and insurers in developing errors and omissions coverage for “green” construction projects are similar to but also different than standard construction risks.

The difference generally is found in new technology and materials, which are untested and often experimental, and can lead to unfounded expectations, observers say.

Despite recent attention on the subject, “green building sustainable design has been around for decades,” said Paul Ablan, Minnetonka, Minn.-based senior vp and managing director of professional liability at OneBeacon Professional Insurance, a unit of Hamilton, Bermuda-based OneBeacon Insurance Group Ltd.

Professionals long have sought to operate more efficiently and economically while taking the environment into account, but it is only in the past several years that sustainable design has gained more governmental and public focus, Mr. Ablan said.

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