March 14, 2011

Court Reviews whether Defendant Violated the Consumer Protection Act in a Cases Involving the Construction of a Home

ROBERT SHROUT, et al., v. HALL CONSTRUCTION, et al. (Tenn. Ct. App. March 14, 2011)

This case arose over the construction of a home for plaintiffs. Plaintiffs sued the construction company and a bank and several individuals. The Trial Court resolved the issues as to defendants, except Mark Rodriguez, prior to trial. The plaintiffs' case against Rodriguez was tried by the Trial Court who directed a verdict at the end of plaintiffs' proof. Plaintiffs appealed to this Court.

Plaintiffs insisted that material evidence established a violation of the Consumer Protection Act by defendant, and the directed verdict should be reversed. Upon review of the evidentiary record, we conclude that the Trial Judge properly directed a verdict in favor of the defendant, and we affirm the Trial Court's Judgment.

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