December 01, 2010

Court Reviews Whether the Trial Court Properly Held Home Inspectors Individually Liable in a Negligence Case

JOHN GALLON, ET AL. v. HARRY ELBERSON, ET AL. (Tenn. Ct. App. December 1, 2010)

The plaintiff home buyers filed suit against two home inspectors and a home inspection company after discovering defects in the home that were not mentioned in the inspection report. The court found that the defendants were negligent and granted the plaintiffs a judgment for damages against the home inspectors and the inspection company, individually, jointly and severally.

The defendants argue on appeal that the judgment was not supported by the evidence and that in holding them individually liable, the court pierced the corporate veil without the proof of the extraordinary circumstances normally required for a court to do so.

We affirm the finding of liability and the judgment for damages, but we vacate the judgment as to one of the individual defendants, because the evidence preponderated against the trial court's finding that he was in partnership with the other individual defendant.

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