September 16, 2010

Court Reviews the Enforceability of a Materialman's Lien

CENTURY FIRE PROTECTION, LLC., v. FOWLERS' HOLDINGS, LLLP., et al. (Tenn. Ct. App. September 16, 2010)

Plaintiff alleged that it delivered materials and provided labor for the installation of a fire protection system on the property of defendant and defendant had failed to pay money still owed under the contract. Plaintiff sought a materialmen's lien to enforce any judgment obtained against defendant for the amount of monies owed under the contract. Defendants answered, filed a counter-complaint and raised multiple defenses. The Trial Court conducted an evidentiary hearing and ruled in plaintiff's favor, holding that plaintiff was entitled to recover monetary damages and the materialmen's lien would be enforced. Defendants have appealed and we affirm the Judgment of the Trial Court.

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